About Joe Madrajat

Joe Madrajat

Joe Madrajat has a clear and concise understanding of accounting, financing, and tax planning. He completed his majors in Accounting in 2000. Joe Madrajat then shifted from the accounting field and ventured into Taxation, with distinction in Certified Public Accountant Exam. Joe Madrajat successfully completed his diploma in financial planning. All the acquired knowledge and certifications in the diverse field of Financial Planning, Taxation, and Accounting has helped him prosper on professional front. Joe Madrajat has worked in various organizations where he acquired experience of working with various sectors inclusive of property sector, transport, as well as professional sector. Joe’s extensive knowledge and overwhelming skill set landed him up a tax manager position for quite a few years.

The abounding more experience of more than 20 years has helped the knowledge base of Joe Madrajat grow profusely. He has hands on experience in the fields of Accounting, Tax Planning, Business strategy and wealth creation. Joe Madrajat has an experience in handling projects involving corporate restructures which essentially included asset protection, compliance, and planning.

Joe has always found himself as a motivator, driving in growth for the business. He wishes to share his passion for his work with the help of blogs. Joe Madrajat strives to share his thoughts, tips and tricks on Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Planning that he has acquired over the years through his blogs. If you wish to gain some insight from an experienced professional, then visit the space for blogs and checkout his latest post on social media platforms.