A Short Guide to Savings Account!

A savings account is a semi-obtainable space where you can save the capital that you are not going to spend (can be used at times of emergency). It is an easy and less risky method of earning an average amount of interest on the capital you have been working hard to save. An amazing savings account plays a key role in designing your savings plan as it helps you in building a pile of the amount that can be used for a ‘much-needed vacay’ or for renovation, a rainy day fund, and so much more… People wonder what they should be looking for when opening or setting up a savings account, well when it comes to choosing a savings account, there are a few aspects that are universal and you should consider them…

    • Free from Monthly Fee: There was a time when savings account used to charge a certain amount as a monthly fee. Finding a perfectly suitable savings account will free you from getting charged for a monthly fee. Hence, you will be free and allowed to invest your capital however you want.
    • On-Going Interest Rate: The entire concept of establishing a savings account is to earn a better and good amount of interest. It will be beneficial for one to open an account that offers brilliant interest rate.
    • Withdrawal Versatility: Almost all savings accounts allow one to withdraw a certain amount of capital whenever they want to but that is not always the case. There are plenty of accounts that charge you for withdrawing money from different database or ATM hence, make sure that your account offers withdrawal flexibility. You can always dodge that charge by using the debit card that is linked to the same account/bank.
    • Transaction Linked Account: There are various accounts that provide a linked transaction account. While there are plenty of savings accounts that demand transaction account with the same bank, there are other accounts that let one link to an account with any bank. Make sure that your accounts let you utilize your capital however you want.

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